The "Foodie Call": A Third of Women Admit to Going on Dates Just for a Free Meal

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Imagine you’re out on a date after having met a girl on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble. After some conversations, she asks when you’re going to ask her out to dinner. Thinking you’ve found a connection with a girl, you excitedly plan to go out on a date with one another at a place she recommends. You take her out and think you have a great time. You don’t mind doing the gentlemanly duty of paying for her meal and drinks at all.


After that, she doesn’t return your phone calls and the messages stop. You wonder if it was something you did wrong or something stupid you said. Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s definitely her.

You were just the victim of a new dating trend called the “foodie call.” It’s where women manipulate men to take them out on dates for a free meal.

According to PsychCentral, a third of women have admitted to doing this to men during dates:

Researchers conducted two studies. In the first, 820 women were recruited, with 40 percent reporting they were single, 33 percent married, and 27 percent saying they were in a committed relationship but not married. Out of them, 85 percent said they were heterosexual, and they were the focus for the study, researchers reported.

The women answered a series of questions that measured their personality traits, beliefs about gender roles, and their foodie call history. They were also asked if they thought a foodie call was socially acceptable.

According to the study’s findings, 23 percent of women in this group revealed they’d engaged in a foodie call. Most did so occasionally or rarely.

Although women who had engaged in a foodie call believed it was more acceptable, most women believed foodie calls were “extremely” to “moderately” unacceptable.

The second study analyzed a similar set of questions of 357 heterosexual women and found 33 percent had engaged in a foodie call.

For both groups, those who engaged in foodie calls scored higher in the “dark triad” personality traits.


What are the “dark triad” personality traits? According to PsychCentral, these three traits are psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.

“Several dark traits have been linked to deceptive and exploitative behavior in romantic relationships, such as one-night stands, faking an orgasm, or sending unsolicited sexual pictures,” said Brian Collisson of Azusa Pacific University.

It should be reiterated that most women find this kind of behavior to be unacceptable, and rightly so. Just as it’s wrong for a man to use a woman for her body, it’s wrong for a woman to use a man for his wallet. However, this is marked as a growing trend.

One thing that they did note in the description of the study was that the women who do this tend to also have a connection about their beliefs of gender roles, though it’s not said which specific question is asked of the women who participated in the study, which I find interesting.

It’s my theory that it’s not so much a belief in gender roles, but an awareness of societal standards which these women are clearly manipulating. A belief in gender roles may cause a woman to seek a provider over the long term, and would thus be entering a relationship with a suitable man. A manipulator of the gender roles is clearly pleased with being single and only seeking a provider for a night just to score a free meal.

The sad thing is that if this trend continues to grow, then two things will happen. One, more women may engage in the practice thanks to the rise of feminist ideological nonsense being pumped into society from every mainstream angle. Men seeking partners will become victims of women with ill intentions.


This will then lead to the second occurrence of men distrusting women. Men will begin to give up their duty of paying for women’s meals over fears that they’re just trying to score off of him. The dating scene is already precarious over the fears that at any time, a man could be accused of harassment or even rape over something innocuous or a later regret by the woman.

The divide between men and women, already widened by social justice tinkering in the mainstream media, will grow larger.


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