The Media Keeps Parading Trump's Bad Poll Numbers but Trump's Packed Rallies Tell a Different Story

Trump isn’t doing as well in the polls as any politician would like and the mainstream media is only too happy to report it. Every morning, clicking on sites like The Hill will give you headlines that tell you how horrible Trump is doing with voters.


GOP frets about poll numbers” trumpeted The Hill on Wednesday, which then went into talking about how anonymous Republican pollsters found Trump’s approval ratings “problematic.”

On Tuesday of last week, The Hill also ran a headline titled “Biden leads Trump by ‘landslide proportions’ in new national poll,” which, as the title implies, discusses Joe Biden’s 13 point lead over Trump in a Quinnipiac University survey.

Other outlets such as CBS News,  have released articles touting the fact that Biden is ahead in key battleground states.

From the media’s telling, you’d think that Trump’s days as President are numbered.

However, the rallies tell a different story.

If a photo can paint 1,000 words then all of those words say Trump is going to trounce Biden in 2020. The size differences between the two rallies is stark.

The photo above of Biden’s rally was taken at his initial campaign launch. It’s a decent size to be sure, but interestingly, the reported size of the rally is muddled by various accounts. According to Heavy, one reporter estimated the crowd size at 2,000 while another estimated it at 6,000.


One can assume from the range of numbers that one person is trying to fudge the crowd size. Regardless, Trump’s is clearly larger with an estimated crowd size approaching 5,000. That was back in June.

Fast forward to Tuesday and you have Trump filling out the stadium in Orlando with some 20,000 attendees.

Even back in April, the rally comparisons were pretty different, with Trump packing stadiums and Biden gathering people into a room.

Unless Trump does something that severely upsets the populace — and I’m not exactly sure what that would have to be at this point — I imagine this packed rally trend will continue.

I only bring this up because I’m getting some serious 2016 vibes.

During the last presidential election, I watched as poll after poll told me that Clinton was a shoo-in for President. Yet Clinton could hardly pack a room full of people. In one very telling story, Clinton’s staff had made room for an entire warehouse to be filled for a speech. The problem was that so few people turned out that they had to literally place walls near the back of the crowd and shut off the lights to the rest of the building to make it look as if Clinton’s meager crowd was larger than it actually was.


While there have been no stories about Biden having to play with optics to that degree yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see and hear similar stories come out as the campaign kicks into high gear. All Trump has to do is announce he’s showing up somewhere and thousands will show up there too. It becomes a major event.

I’m not getting that same vibe from Biden rallies.

Just like 2016, I’m seeing polls that favor Democrats but seeing crowds that favor Trump. I can only confirm with my own eyes and ears that at least one of them is more truthful and telling.


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