Rumors Swirl that the Dallas Police Chief Is On the Chopping Block After Soaring Murder Rate

The pressure is increasing on Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall after the murder rate in Dallas is set to reach horrific heights after a decade, and now there are rumors that Hall may be forced out of the position of Chief soon enough.


According to the Dallas Observer, many problems plague the Dallas Police Department. It’s woefully short staffed, it can’t get officers to stick around, and Hall reportedly has her priorities in the wrong place. All of this has caused some to believe that the Chief may be all but done at the department:

A number of people close to or in the police department think getting rid of Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall is an important step toward stemming the catastrophic rise in murders and violent crime in Dallas. I’m not sure I fully understand the anti-Hall animus — always seemed OK to me — but one way or another her days probably are numbered here. It’s really just a question of who does the numbering.

Hall also has a take on crime that many did not like. During a press Q&A, Hall mentioned that crime in Dallas is due to the fact that criminals get out of prison and upon not being able to get a job, turn to crime.


This created a massive amount of backlash, and Hall semi-walked it back in a tweet.

“Today my point was simple,” she Tweeted. “there is no excuse for crime. Crime in general, however, is on the rise in Dallas for many reasons. One of them being the lack of opportunity. In no way, am I using that as an excuse to commit a crime. However, we have to work together as a community to remain vigilant and proactive. I’ve asked our pastoral community, as a beginning, to develop ways to teach people how to resolve disputes without violence and find opportunities without resorting to crime.”

This response did not make Hall look at all competent as she essentially says that their is no excuse for crime and then proceeded to give excuses as to why crime is committed. While she’s not entirely wrong — joblessness after years in prison does drive people to crime and increases recidivism rates — Hall has made it very easy to go back to crime.

As I covered on Tuesday, insiders at the DPD have let us in on how Hall handles crimes, making it seem as if they’re being dealt with when really they’re not. This includes putting high-priority calls into the inboxes of supervising officers so it appears they’re being dealt with when, in fact, the officer is typically waiting around for other officers to become available to answer the call. Due to the low amount of officers available, he could be waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


Another source told RedState that Hall dissolved the Vice department and that things like drug trafficking and prostitution essentially get a simple citation instead of an arrest now. Combine that with the fact that the DA has now no interest in prosecuting thefts that cost under $250 and you’ve got yourself a haven from criminals.

From the sound of it, there’s very little separating Hall and her firing except for red tape if that’s the way the Dallas Mayor would choose to go. Onlookers, however, are smelling blood in the water.




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