YouTube's Conclusion that Crowder Is Innocent Sends Carlos Maza Into a Dangerous Meltdown

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder has been locked in a war with Vox’s Carlos Maza that could have put an end to Crowder’s channel, or at the very least, censored his videos and put him on some kind of probation.


Despite Maza’s best efforts to shut Crowder down, YouTube has found nothing in the rules that would allow them to do so. Crowder hasn’t violated any user agreements.

That should be the end of it, but YouTube’s ruling seems to have shoved Maza over the edge.

Taking to Twitter, the Vox commentator claimed that Crowder spent two years harassing Maza.

But, having failed to appeal to YouTube to shut Crowder down, Maza turned to his fellow LGBT community members to rise up against YouTube. He rallies them by claiming the platform allows the bullies that plagued people like him in school to torment them as adults.

I’m not going to subject you to any more of his nonsensical vomit, mainly because he continues along the same vein of “YouTube is allowing anti-LGBT bigotry to thrive.”

It’s not. Let me go ahead and say something that is a direct attack on Maza’s character.

He is a childish grown-baby whose skin is so paper-thin that instead of just handling himself and confronting his opponents like an adult he went crying to the authorities like a coward to fight his battles for him. Upon failing to shut down someone, he’s now running to the mob to punish the company that actually stood by its rules for once.


Let me reiterate that Crowder did, in fact, call Maza names, but that these are names that Maza has used to identify himself with. I recognize the distinction between using words with different connotations, but at the end of the day, they are just words.

Crowder never advocated for violence or targeted harassment against Maza. This also makes Maza an overdramatic liar.

Here’s the worst part, now. Because of Maza’s temper tantrum over not getting his fascistic way, he’s going to bring the mob down on YouTube. The mob isn’t beyond attacking businesses associated with people they don’t like. As a result, businesses are going to get cold feet and withdraw from supporting YouTube.

This will then see to it that all content creators are punished. YouTube will be forced to start censoring or punishing channels in order to convince advertisers to stick around.

Maza, however, will remain in the free and clear since his employer Vox could care less how much money they’re getting from YouTube. They’re supported by a $200 million investment in Vox Media by NBC.

So Maza and Vox punish YouTube for not silencing a conservative voice, and in effect, harm YouTube creators who rely on their content for a living.


There are villains in this story and it’s not Crowder. It’s not the channels that will suffer under the hand of YouTube’s attempts to fix the situation. The villains here are those who call for censorship, and upon not getting it voluntarily, will then attempt to force censorship.

UPDATE: During the course of writing this article I learned that YouTube has reversed the ruling on Crowder and has demonetized him.

Maza’s stirring of the mob is already having the effect I spoke of above. Consider YouTube fully compromised.


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