Vox Shifts to Hiring Part-Time as it Feels the Burn from Unionized Workers

It’s all fun and games with the monster until it’s your turn to be eaten.

According to NiemanLab, the unionization efforts at the leftist media outlet Vox reached a fever pitch with a walk out. In order to save its bottom line, Vox has resorted to hiring part-time employees and contract workers that are ineligible to join a union:


The story is told by the two charts below. On November 16, 2017 — the day before Vox Media staffers announced their intention to unionize, Vox listed 102 full-time job openings and just 2 that were part-time, contract, or freelance. That’s a 51:1 ratio.

Fast forward to today and those numbers stand at 57 full-time positions and 25 part-time or contract — more like a 2:1 ratio.

Most of Vox Media’s less than full-time employees — the ones who get a 1099 form come tax time instead of a W-4 — aren’t eligible to join the union.

Unionization hurts, not only a company’s profits but a company’s productivity. Libertarian reporter John Stossel once pointed this out when he worked for CBS, which separated itself from unionized work due to the fact that it was making advancement in almost anything an Everest climb:

Unions once helped advance working conditions, but now union rules hurt workers because they stifle growth by making companies less flexible. When I arrived at CBS, I was stunned to discover that I couldn’t even watch a video in a tape player without risking a grievance being filed by a union editor, saying I’d encroached on his job. Work ground to a halt while we waited for a union specialist to press the “on” button. ABC and CBS, being private businesses that had to compete, eventually got rid of those rules. But it took years.


Vox is treading down a road that many have already learned not to go down, but its employees don’t seem to know any better as many of them are leftists of the social justice variety. Still, if you preach it, be ready to practice it.

Delta Airlines is also resisting unionization efforts, but it’s doing so in a more hilarious way.


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