Feminist TV Critic Goes Mental Over "Big Bang Theory" Happy Pregnancy Finale

(Darren Michaels/CBs via AP)

Apparently being happily pregnant isn’t a happy ending, at least to miserable people. One specific person is Dr. Kathryn VanArendonk of Stanford University, who also moonlights as a television critic.


VanArendonk, whom I’ll be referring to henceforth as “Donk,” became upset when the show’s female lead Penny became pregnant after her character had avoided becoming pregnant throughout the show’s run. As the Daily Wire highlighted, the show’s creator decided that this would be a nice turn for the characters:

Show co-creator Chuck Lorre claimed the pregnancy “just felt like a natural progression. When we leave these characters and say goodbye to them, we know their life is continuing and expanding. And that just felt right, that life was expanding.” Executive producer Steve Holland added, “There was a line in the pilot we kept going back to where Leonard says, ‘Our babies will be smart and beautiful.’ That felt like a lovely bow to tie up their relationship. Pregnancies can sometimes be an expected thing in a finale, and hopefully writing against it for most of the season gave us a chance to have one last surprise.”

Donk, however, was outraged that in this political climate a woman changing her mind about having a child is wrong.

Donk made it clear that being happy about becoming pregnant after resisting it for so long is inappropriate due to the passage of anti-abortion laws.


What Donk is essentially saying that shows should end in ways that reflect her feelings about something political going on in the world right now, because that’s exactly how social justice leftists think. Every message should be a leftist political take, or as I like to call that kind of writing, absolutely boring.

In the real world, becoming pregnant can be frightening, but it’s also a time for joy. Especially in the case of Penny, who is having a baby with her husband Leonard after the two struggled with the issue for a while. That Penny made up her mind to bring life into the world with the person she loves most is a wonderful happy ending.

You’d have to be pretty joyless to turn this into a bad thing.


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