WATCH: Feminist Who Attempted to Steal Pro-Life Sign Wilts When Justice Finds Her

Screenshot: YouTube (Uploaded by Brandon)

Something about pro-lifers really causes the left to lose their minds and do things that any normal person would avoid. This too often includes violence, but also the theft of property in many cases. One woman on a college campus, however, found out that stealing is wrong the hard way.


During a pro-life demonstration at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill by the group Created Equal, a woman approached the pro-life group and after a few words, stole their sign. The woman then made her way to the side of a building where she attempted to throw it off, but was stopped before she could by the sign’s owner, Austin Beigel.

As this was happening, however, one of the pro-life crowd signaled a nearby police officer who witnessed most of what happened.

“Did you steal their sign?” asked the officer.

“I just moved it,” said the feminist.

The pro-lifers informed the officer that the feminist had ripped it out of their hands, and when the officer asked the feminist why she’d done that she smiled and tapped the sign.

“Because this restricts women’s rights,” she said.

The officer ordered the woman to give them the sign back before she damaged it, after which time she attempted to leave the scene while commenting that she couldn’t believe that the officer was protecting the pro-lifers.

“Nope, you’re not going anywhere,” said the officer stepping in front of her path.

It was then that the feminist’s attitude began to deteriorate. The officer said she was being detained for larceny, despite the feminist’s arguments that the pro-lifers had their sign back. The officer said that only happened because he had gotten it back from her.

“I moved it fifty yards,” she said.


“I don’t care if you moved it one foot,” responded the officer.

After spouting feminist propaganda about pro-lifers and complaining about having to see them on campus, the officer informed her that she needed to take her backpack off as she was being arrested for larceny. The tears began to flow as she tried to explain that she had every intent to give the sign back to the pro-lifers.

“Do we need to make this difficult and cause a scene?” asked the officer.

The feminist finally complied and she was led away.

In terms of what abortion supporters usually do to pro-lifers, this is actually pretty light. Too many videos have come out recently that show pro-abortion advocates using violence against others.

At this very same University, a woman previously attacked pro-lifers with punches and kicks as they held a demonstration just last week. Last October, a video surfaced of a woman who was continuously attacked by a pro-abortion social justice advocate when she wasn’t looking. In that same month, a man roundhouse kicked a pro-life woman who had come to debate him.

And they say the right are the dangerous ones.


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