The Mainstream Left Attacks 14-Year-Old Right-Leaning Girl, Meanwhile It Celebrates These Things

As I previously covered, a 14-year-old girl was attacked by BuzzFeed in an attempt to deplatform her for having an extremely non-politically correct outlook and right-leaning opinions. Her targets are often social justice people, and celebrated causes, with her last target being radical Islam.


For BuzzFeed writer Joseph Bernstein, it was a step too far. Between Soph shrugging off the rules imposed on society by the PC police and her unapologetic attacks on everything he holds holy, Bernstein did what any good leftist mainstream author would do and he sent the mob after her and her platform YouTube. The bid worked, and Soph’s video was removed from YouTube for “hate speech,” and she received strikes to her channel preventing her from uploading more for a time.

Soph’s videos are admittedly crude, and watching the language and topics being discussed by a 14-year-old girl can cause many to wrinkle their nose in disgust. Especially considering Gen Z’s approach to no-holds-barred humor and commentary, many in the previous generations would instinctively clutch their pearls.

Meanwhile, the left seems to be okay with hate and sexualizing children on all sorts of media platforms.

The most popular example of the sexualization of kids is Desmond Is Amazing. Desmond Napoles is an 11-year-old boy who is possibly the most popular drag queen outside of RuPaul. He has been hailed as “the future” and can currently be seen representing the Converse LGBT line of products. Before that, Desmond was being celebrated by the left for dancing on a stage at a gay bar at 2 am while dressed up like No Doubt’s Gwen Stephanie as people threw money on the stage.


Over on YouTube, a YouTube channel called “Queer Kid Stuff” is attempting to teach children 7 and below about things like drag queens, gender, and how to be an LGBT activist. It also ventures into things such as teaching kids about “privilege.” Napoles also made an appearance on this channel as well, to further entrench the idea of transgenderism and drag into kids.

Let’s not forget that a child appeared next to a naked drag queen in a viral photo, and somehow that was okay too.

YouTube is also completely fine with teaching kids racism and sexism, specifically against white males. At Kristina Wong’s YouTube channel, she does a show called “Radical Cram School” where she openly encourages young girls to engage in racism.

In fact, kids are consistently the target of social justice, not only in the media but in public schools as well. Schools were allowing children of the opposite gender to shower and dress in the name of progress. On overnight field trips, teachers were instructed not to inform parents when members of the opposite sex claiming to be transgender slept in the same place as the opposite sex.

One male gym teacher in the Pasco County School District in Florida was punished for refusing to observe a nude female minor in the men’s locker room after she identified as male. Teachers at that school were under a gag order from the administration as well, so teachers were not allowed to discuss the goings on inside the school to the parents.


This is all the in the name of “progress,” “diversity,” and “acceptance,” and all of it happening to kids.

God forbid you have an opinion that runs contrary to this, however. BuzzFeed may just send the mob after you and your family, regardless of your age, and social media sites may deplatform you.


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