The Guardian Complains Trump and Hungarian PM Oban are "Man-Spreading" In Massive Shark Jump

During its live coverage of the White House meeting between President Donald Trump and Hungary’s New Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, The Guardian felt it important to point out that two men were doing something shocking.


According to the UK’s most well-known publication, the two world leaders were “manspreading.”

Shocking, I know.

“Trump is in the Oval Office, talking to the press alongside prime minister Viktor Orban,” reported the Guardian. “They’re both man-spreading on a pair of yellow leather chairs.

If you’re not up on feminist vernacular, “man-spreading” is a term meaning the natural spread of a man’s legs while he’s sitting due to his anatomical need to not squish sensitive parts of his body. Feminists have taken this natural position and used it as a way to make it seem men are exerting some sort of patriarchal control over the places they sit by taking up more space, specifically on buses or airplanes.

And rest assured, this is purely a feminist term. That The Guardian is using it in what is supposed to be a neutral play-by-play is enough to clue you into how biased it is in its reporting.

Of course, The Guardian’s clearly biased take on the meeting didn’t end there. When the topic of the Mueller investigation came up, Trump reiterated that the report found him innocent of every charge leveled at him by the left. The Guardian inserted that this was “a lie”:


After praising Orbán, Trump talks about the Mueller report. Trump says the report found “no collusion, and no obstruction”, which is a lie.

The Guardian then linked to a CNN article attempting to paint the Mueller report has not had said that at all, which it did. This had been a false narrative the left had been trying to cling to after the report’s release, with mainstream news organizations like CNN and MSNBC attempting to be creative in its interpretation.

However, as Brian Williams hilariously learned while interviewing Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, the writing was plain as day.

The derangement is real.


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