WATCH: Rep. Brian Sims Tries to Paint Himself As a Misguided Hero In Non-Apology Video

Screenshot: Twitter video

As RedState’s Alex Parker covered yesterday, Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Brian Sims made a live video yesterday where he confronted Christians praying outside of a Planned Parenthood. During the video, Sims rudely harassed the Christians and even offered money to anyone who can identify them.


This caused some serious and rightful outrage from the internet, with multiple news outlets and social media covering his behavior.

Either Sims took down the video he had posted or Facebook took it down due to it clearly violating its policies, though the latter is unlikely. However, the Democratic lawmaker uploaded a new video where he was giving the impression that he was explaining his behavior, but in reality, was more of a non-apology that still put blame on the praying Christians than himself.

Even more disgusting, Sims attempted to paint himself as a misguided hero for his actions.

Sims begins the video by saying he recieved a lot of “feedback,” which is an interesting way of saying “righteous outrage against trying to doxx innocent people.”

Sims explained that he’s lived around this particular Planned Parenthood, which he calls one of the most protested locations in the nation, and watched as Christians scare off girls from entering the location, even when they’re not there to get an abortion.

Sims accused Planned Parenthood protesters of intimidation and even racism and says he should have shown Christians hurling insults and harassing people entering the building.


“What I should have shown you was protesters gathered together to pray at, not pray for, people coming in and out of Planned Parenthood,” said Sims.

Sims said that pushing against this harassment is good, but that it was the wrong time and place to do that. He went on to say that he acted aggressively.

“As an activist and an advocate, I know why pushing back against harassment and discrimination are a must even when they’re uncomfortable,” said Sims. “But last week, I wasn’t a patient escort. I was a neighbor and concerned citizen. I was aggressive.”

“I know two wrongs don’t make a right, and I can do better and I will do better for the women of Pennsylvania,” he added.

I think it’s a bit funny that Sims makes it sound like this Planned Parenthood is under assault from bigoted, racist Christians frequently, and yet Sims has yet to provide any video evidence of this. Either Sims is lying about how these Christians act (highly likely) or Sims is an irresponsible “activist and advocate” who sits by and lets horrible people go unexposed. We’re just supposed to believe his claim.


This is lazy narrative driving by Sims, and it’s very obvious.  Not only is he trying to peg people praying over children being aborted as villains, he’s trying to paint himself as a warrior who got too fired up about his righteous duty.

What he actually is is an elected representative who allowed his bigotry to take over his common sense and call for innocent people to be subject to the mob and exposed to danger.

Just to make it clear, Sims didn’t apologize throughout the entire video. He shows no remorse for putting citizens he represents in danger.

He needs to resign yesterday. 


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