WATCH: Portland Antifa Commits Violence, Blocks Route to Hospital, Police Do Nothing

Screenshot: Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo is popularly known as the guy who shows up at leftist protests and Antifa events. The footage he gets is usually gold, with Antifa acting as sexist, racist, bigoted, and violent as they possibly can. Ngo recently went to Portland’s “MayDay” Parade and managed to capture footage that not only doesn’t look good for Antifa, but it also doesn’t say much for their intelligence either.


As Ngo highlights in this photo, the MayDay parade celebrates radical leftist things such as communism, Marxism, open borders, and rejection of diets.

Antifa gathered together then to hear a speech from a masked woman who informed everyone that ICE is only targeting people because of their skin color, and that white people need to use their “unearned privilege” to protect those with darker skin colors.

Antifa attempted to start a fight by stealing the hat of a man named Joey Gibson (aka Patriot Prayer). Ngo says that the moment Gibson arrived, Antifa goons surrounded him and began harassing him.


Ngo snapped a photo of two women (?) holding signs. One sign read “abolish ICE,” while the other bore the phrase “abolish work.”

Ngo reported that marchers closed down streets as they marched toward the ICE office. It’s the same office Antifa had surrounded last summer. Ngo also reported that Antifa did not request the proper permits to close the street down for this march.

Federal agents were forced to protect the ICE building as Portland police are reportedly unreliable due to the mayor refusing to issue orders to stop Antifa’s movements. The protesters can be heard chanting “all cops are bastards” as they marched, followed by “abolish ICE’ being screamed at police officers.


After protesters displayed a mock-up of a baby in a cage, Ngo reported that he was assaulted by one of the members of Antifa. Nearby police told Ngo that attempting to arrest the Antifa member for assault would result in “escalation” and refused to take action.

Meanwhile, a protester attempted to try to spell “privilege,” but needed a little help.

Protesters then shut down roads around the hospital.

After the march, protesters went to the MayDay festival which featured a group supportive of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.


Ngo was filming the beginnings of a standoff between Antifa and conservative protesters when he was sprayed in the face with bear mace.




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