WATCH: The Way Venezuela's People are Being Transported to Hospitals Is Horrific

If you want to see just how bright the future is under socialism, then Venezuela can show you first and foremost just what the future under the worst economic system has ever seen looks like for those who become sick or injured.

A video uploaded by Michael Lima Cuadra to YouTube shows an injured person being taken to a hospital to see “Dr. Jesús María Casal Ramos” in Acarigua, located in Venezuela.

People can be seen gathering around the rear of a garbage truck, which had reportedly brought the injured person to the hospital as apparently there are no ambulances in Venezuela.

Within the video, a man can be heard explaining that there are no ambulances in Venezuela.

“Check this out,” says the man recording. “A garbage truck transporting a wounded person. This only happens in Venezuela.”

“This is saddening,” he adds.

Socialism is experiencing something of a popularity boost among the younger crowds in the United States and is only being spurred by the rise of such politicians as Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

However, socialism has never succeeded anywhere it’s been tried, and without a serious reprogramming of the human mind, likely never will. However, it has many workers in its PR department, including many members of the media and many teachers and professors who manage to put a very flowery idea of it in the brains of many of the young.

In an effort to combat this, Republican lawmakers have formed the “Anti-socialism” caucus, which has greatly upset members of the left.