Republicans Form "Anti-Socialism Caucus" and Leftists Lose It

With the rise of socialism in America thanks to the cheerleading of popular political figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Republicans have found it fit to create an anti-socialism caucus much to the dismay of those on the left.


According to Daily Wire, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah put in a request to form the caucus and look to “defeat socialism once again.”

“Socialism is a folly,” Stewart said on his official government site. “Not only is it doomed to fail wherever it rears its head, it leaves a wake of destruction in lives and freedoms lost. So much time has passed from the fall of the Iron Curtain that many have internalized — or never experienced— [s]ocialism’s ultimate price. If we fail to recall those dangerous times, the primitive appeal of socialism will advance and infect our institutions.”

The House has approved the creation of the caucus, and Stewart proudly announced the creation of the caucus on Tuesday via Twitter.

“Just received approval from the House for the formation of the Anti-Socialism Caucus,” he tweeted. “This caucus will defend individual liberty & free markets and highlight the dark history of socialism.”

The Daily Wire reported that Republican are already joining the caucus such as Reps. Brad Wenstrup (OH), Guy Reschenthaler (PA), Rob Bishop (UT), Bill Flores (TX), Vicky Hartzler (MO), Roger Williams (TX), and Ralph Norman (SC).


However, the announcement did not go over well, and Stewart was soon lambasted by the left who attempted to ridicule and mock his idea, as well as attack Capitalism itself. Some went so far as to make this seem like a McCarthy era witch hunt.




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