Hillary Suggests Trump Voters Are Racist (Again) and the Internet Laughs Her Off the Stage

Failed 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is still mightily bitter about losing to now President Donald Trump, but still doesn’t seem to have learned the lessons that could be easily gleaned from it if she would only pay attention.


Tweeting out an article by HuffPo that describes “far-right” entities overseas are also using Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan in their own ways, Clinton once again claimed that “MAGA” is a “white nationalist slogan.”

It’s not intelligent to cast those who believe in Trump’s slogan as “white nationalists” or racist by any measure. Many who voted for Trump also voted for Barack Obama at one time. This doesn’t seem to matter to Clinton, however, who has been pointing to the red MAGA hats as a sure sign of racism since before the 2016 elections.

Tellingly, few really signed on board with Clinton’s divisive campaign strategy and Trump ended up taking the victory. It would appear that Clinton never understood that to divide isn’t necessarily to conquer.

The internet took to reminding Clinton of this fact.



Democrats and their all-or-nothing takes on political matters don’t often see shades of gray. If you voted for, support, or are even sympathetic to Trump and the Republicans, then you must be a white nationalist, a racist, or bigoted in some way, shape, or form.


This is being perfectly demonstrated by Clinton, who isn’t capable of discerning between white nationalism and support for a Republican president.

You would think, however, that Democrats would pick up that a losing strategy is why they lose, but the 2020 candidates are pushing identity politics like never before. As such, more and more Americans seem to be leaning toward approving of Trump instead of rejecting him.

According to recent polls, Trump’s approval rating sits at 53 percent.

That’s gotta sting. Especially for Clinton.

(h/t: The Daily Caller)


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