Twitter Automatically Forcing Users to Unfollow "Unplanned" Movie Account

According to certain Twitter users, the social media platform is forcing users to unfollow the Pureflix film Unplanned Twitter account without their knowledge.


This was documented by one Twitter user who recorded himself following the account, and after going away from the screen for a moment, would navigate back to the account’s page to find that the user had unfollowed it.

Radio show host Dana Loesch also posted a video of herself being forcibly unfollowed by Twitter.

On Monday, Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher told Fox News that she herself experienced getting kicked off the account as a follower.

“I can’t even follow the Twitter account for my own film. It keeps kicking me off,” said Bratcher.

Other Twitter users also confirmed that they were unable to keep their following of the movie on Twitter as well. According to Fox News, Twitter suspended the account as well but reinstated it with 50,000 fewer followers than before. The social network called the incident a “mistake.”


It seems, however, that these “mistakes” always tend to lean in one direction, as commentator and YouTuber Tim Pool pointed out, and noting that when he tried to upload a video about the Unplanned controversy, his video wouldn’t publish as he scheduled it. What’s more, when he tried to manually publish it, he kept getting error messages from YouTube.

That Twitter is purposefully doing this remains unverified, but there can only be so many coincidences before it starts becoming an established pattern. The Unplanned movie’s popularity has skyrocketed, even going so far as to achieve a higher follower count than Planned Parenthood.


As has been covered by Redstate on many an occasion, Twitter has repeatedly exhibited a bias against right-leaning thought, even going so far as to allow accounts that belong to Antifa groups thrive as they ban other users for simply making the wrong person angry. This also includes not suspending or punishing accounts in any way that threaten or attempt to intimidate those on the right.

This example is one more drop in the bucket of evidence that Twitter is more than willing to silence, mistreat, and punish those on the right.



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