WATCH: Man Angrily Approaches SUV On the Road, Immediately Regrets His Road Rage

Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter

We’ve all been there. You’re driving down the road and some yahoo behind the wheel does something to make you furious like cutting you off, or driving slowly in the fast lane. A rage you didn’t know you were capable of wells up inside you and you start firing back by getting back at them in some way, shape, or form.


Just whatever you do, don’t do this in Russia as one man learned.

In a video posted by the host of “Red, White, and F You” Mindy Robinson, one Russian man seemed to be very angry at a black SUV and clicked on his camera phone to record what he was going to do next. He soon got in front of the SUV, stopped abruptly, and got out of his car.

Still filming, he walked up to the SUV which had blacked out windows and proceeded to knock on them, demanding whoever was driving to open up.

Instead, the passenger’s side window was rolled down, where he was greeted by what seems to be Russian police in full riot kid pointing a gun directly at him.

The man suddenly seemed okay with everything that had gone down and any rudeness endured and quickly retreated back to his car where he put his car back into gear with this free non-gear hand and drove away.


Just a normal day in Russia, apparently.

While I’m on the subject, the Russian police are displaying perfectly why you should always carry. You never know when a road raging maniac will attempt to initiate a physical altercation with you. Best to be prepared, and have a good reason for the rager to go back to his car and in a calm, orderly fashion.



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