Poll: 4 in 10 Americans Think SNL Too Political, Most Don't Even Watch

If you think Saturday Night Live is too political to watch, you’re not alone.

A new Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter Poll found that when it comes to the weekend comedy show, 31 percent say that they’ve injected too much politics into it. Only four percent say there’s too little.


However, 37 percent say that just the right amount of politics has found its way into SNL, beating out those who think it has gotten too political. Still, while those who watch think the proverbial porridge is just right, most of America doesn’t seem to want to eat it at all.

The survey found that 61 percent of Americans don’t watch SNL, compared to 39 percent who do.

Interestingly, when it comes to politicians appearing on the show, most of America would rather lawmakers stay away. When asked if they’d like to see Joe Biden appear on SNL, 32 percent said yes, while 33 percent said no.

The numbers only sink for other candidates. Thirty percent want Bernie Sanders to appear on SNL vs. 35 who don’t. Only 21 percent want to see Kamala Harris on SNL vs. 31 percent who’d rather not see her star. Even Beto O’Rourke clocks in at only 20 percent of those who would like to see him on, as opposed to 31 percent who’d rather he keep away.

SNL has become something of a political lightning rod lately, going through many sketches that tend to portray Republicans in a highly negative light, while rarely taking the same kind of shots at Democratic lawmakers. It especially loves to take shots at President Donald Trump.


Trump lashed out at SNL, suggesting that courts should get involved due to the bias. He was rebuffed by Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw, who told Trump that it is legal, and needs to remain so in order to keep the 1st Amendment.

This same survey found that about the same percentage of Americans don’t watch late night comedy shows either. Most tune into Stephen Colbert who they find expresses the most left-leaning politics, but overall Jimmy Fallon is the most liked, and also considered the least political.



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