CNN's Brian Stelter Comes to Media Matters President's Rescue, Gets Demolished by Tucker Carlson

In Media Matters’ attempt to send the mob after Tucker Carlson for “shocking” things he said during an appearance on a shock jock radio show program, the tables got turned as Carlson’s own Daily Caller did a bit of digging of their own and found numerous skeletons in MMFA President Angelo Carusone closet.


As Bonchie reported, Carusone said some transphobic, racist, and antisemitic things in his blog posts. By the rules of the left, Carusone should now be run out of the industry, never to be accepted openly in society again.

Only he’s not. The left’s pearl-clutching is, once again, only reserved for actions carried out by anyone on the right.

In fact, the leftist media is mobilizing in order to lend cover to Carusone in the form of CNN’s Brian Stelter of “Reliable Sources”.

According to the Daily Caller, Carusone, with help from Stelter’s newsletter, attempted to paint Carusone’s activities on his blog as an “obnoxious right-wing caricature.”

Reading Carusone’s blog posts makes it clear that this claim is beyond false. He was clearly writing from a left-leaning perspective and espoused leftist ideals within very often.

Stelter either did zero research before supporting Carusone’s lie, or he knowingly lied himself.

It’s more than likely that the latter is true. As Carlson fired back on his Wednesday night show, CNN has taken narrative marching orders from Media Matters for a long time. Even before he arrived at CNN, Stelter was getting his talking points from Media Matters while at the New York Times.


Tucker points out that Stelter, or as he labeled him during his segment, “CNN’s eunuch,” still takes his marching orders from MMFA, an organization responsible for many of the narratives you hear from the left.

Stelter’s lack of facts in his defense of Media Matters isn’t surprising, given his history with them. What we can take from this, however, is that when it comes to the defense of Media Matters on the left, it’s likely that said defense is Media Matters defending itself through puppets like Stelter.


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