Google Found to Pay Men Less Than Women for Same Job

Will the “equality” crowd speak up about this, I wonder?

According to Tech Crunch, Google found that when it comes down to how much pay men and women receive for the same job, it’s actually women who come out earning more than men. This puts a damper on the feminist spin that women are consistently getting shortchanged when doing the same work their male counterparts are doing:


Tech Crunch reported that male Level 4 Software Engineers received less money than women in that same role. Upon the discovery, Google worked to balance the books and found the problem was pretty large, as it apparently had to adjust the pay of 10,677 employees, to the tune of $9.7 million. It should be noted that it was not listed how many of the 10,000 were men.

“Our pay equity analysis ensures that compensation is fair for employees in the same job, at the same level, location and performance,” Google Lead Analyst for Pay Equity and People Analytics Lauren Barbato wrote in a blog post. “But we know that’s only part of the story. Because leveling, performance ratings, and promotion impact pay, this year, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of these processes to make sure the outcomes are fair and equitable for all employees.”

Interesting that Google is now seeming to look at merit-based reasons that pay scales differ.


Google is notoriously known for being a massively left-leaning company. It infamously fired employee James Damore after he released an open letter to his fellow employees speaking about the differences in men and women, and using that as an explanation as to why things in the professional world are they way they are. This was taken as a sexist screed on par with the worst misogynists, and Google promptly made a show of terminating his employment there.


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