Ilhan Omar: I'm Not Sorry for Being Antisemitic

The rabidly antisemitic parts of the Democratic party definitely don’t feel sorry about being antisemitic, and chief among the antisemitic Democrats is Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.


According to the Free Beacon, Omar recently had an interview with The Intercept, where she made sure everyone was aware that her apology for her antisemitic tweets wasn’t actually an apology for antisemitic tweets. It was purely and apology for the way they made people feel:

“You’ve since apologized unequivocally for the tweet. You’ve said rightly that anti-Semitism is real. But just to be clear, I mean we’re a few weeks on now, what were you apologizing for? Was it a badly worded tweet that you were apologizing for? Or was it for being anti-Semitic, wittingly or unwittingly?” host Mehdi Hasan asked around the 12:45 mark of the audio at the link above.

“Oh absolutely not,” Omar responded. “I apologized for the way that my words made people feel. Oftentimes, you know, we are in places where someone will say something, and they might not know how it makes you feel and it’s not acceptable, that once you express to them that this is hurtful, that you have felt attacked by their words, they should acknowledge how you feel, they should speak to that, they should apologize and figure out a way to remedy that situation.”

“That’s why you apologized?” Hasan asked.

“That’s why I apologized,” Omar said.


Omar had deleted the tweets after she was more or less forced to say sorry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The tweets in question were essentially labeling AIPAC for the reason Congress is reportedly so friendly to Israel, and that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was only recommending Omar be punished because of Israel’s influence in politics.

“It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby,” tweeted Omar, suggesting Republicans are going against Omar with money under the table.

Even without the clarification about the apology, we know Omar is highly antisemitic. She recently claimed that Israel shouldn’t get to exist as a Jewish state, and upon asking why she supports the BDS movement, fled reporters. Literally.


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