CNN's Jim Acosta Clowns Himself Over Hanoi Presser With Blatant Lie About Trump

President Donald Trump didn’t give CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta a question during the presser in Hanoi just after Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un went south, and needless to say, Acosta’s ego is having a hard time dealing with it.


First Acosta was only too thrilled that Trump had failed to denuclearize North Korea again.

“Humbled in Washington, humbled here in Hanoi, heading back to Washington empty-handed,” Acosta said. “The president staked a lot of his presidency on something that is just much more difficult than reality TV. This is not something that can be wrapped up in a season of ‘The Apprentice.'”

While Acosta’s spirits were lifted by that Trump failure, Acosta was sad for Acosta, who never got called on at the presser later on. Acosta noted that hardly anyone from the White House press pool was called on because, according to Acosta, Trump wanted to avoid any questions about Michael Cohen.

“First of all, we have to point out the obvious, which is the president steered clear largely during this news conference of the White House press corps and instead selected journalists at random from the other side of the room, where foreign journalists were seated,” Acosta said.


Acosta went on to accuse Trump of calling on Chinese and Russia state media, also throwing in that he called on Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

This is not true, however. As DailyWire’s Ryan Saavedra points out, Trump had called on members of the White House press pool, including ABC, CBS, NYT, and the Washington Post.

Acosta even later tweeted about it, and the tweets are still active.

I’m in Trump’s inner circle, but I can make the solid guess that Trump didn’t call on Acosta because the CNN White House activist was less likely to ask a question of substance, and attempt his usual brand of unhelpful gotcha questioning that ends up being a complete waste of time.


Judging by his suspicion that Trump was trying to avoid Cohen questions, it’s safe to assume that Acosta had a nonsensical Cohen question in his pocket. Since Trump called on lots of unfriendly media, it’s clear that Cohen questions weren’t off the table. In fact, Trump answered one while he was at the presser by Acosta’s on admission.

So here we have yet another episode of “Acosta Beclowns Himself.”


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