Jussie Smollett FINALLY Turns Over Phone Records from MAGA Attack and Police Aren't Impressed

FILE - In this May 20, 2016 file photo, Jussie Smollett attends the "Empire" FYC Event in Los Angeles. On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Smollett debuted a music video for "F.U.W.", a song about injustice which he wrote and performs, on his YouTube page. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

It’s not looking good for “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s case of the mysterious Trump supporters who attacked him while he was coming home from a sandwich shop in Chicago.


The story so far is that Smollett was walking home when he was jumped by two men shouting homophobic and racist slurs at him, soaking him in an unknown liquid believed to be bleach, and slipping a thin rope around his neck in the form of a noose. During the attack, they reportedly shouted: “Welcome to MAGA country.”

So far, police have found no evidence of Smollett’s “redneck” attackers on the many video cameras around the area Smollett walked. There is a single gap of 60 seconds within the coverage, and this is where Smollett claims the attack took place.

He also claimed he was on the phone with his manager Brandon Z when the attack happened, so naturally, police asked him to turn over his phone in order to further the investigation. Initially, Smollett refused to, saying he needed his phone. After some time, he finally relented and gave police the device.

As expected, police aren’t really impressed with what Smollett handed over, which are “limited and redacted,” causing police to ask for the full records according to ABC 7 Chicago’s Rob Elgas.

“UPDATE: After Jussie Smollett turned over ‘limited & redacted’ phone records, Chicago police spokesman @AJGuglielmi tells @ABC7Chicago ‘We are very appreciative of the victim’s cooperation however the records provided do not meet the burden for a criminal investigation…'” tweeted Eglas.


“MORE: Chicago police spokesman says ‘Detectives may be following up with him (Smollett) to request additional data to corroborate the investigative timeline,'” he added.

While police are officially still considering Smollett a victim of a hate crime, doubt has begun creeping in. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson warned that if Smollett is found to have filed a false report there will be consequences.

As it stands, this is looking more and more like another claim of right-wing hate with no proof intended for the media to run with. The media took the bait for sure, making a huge deal out of Smollett’s attack, but once again it seems that the media jumped the gun in order to foster their narrative that Trump supporters are every kind of horrible they say they are.


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