Liz Warren Devolves to Fantasizing About Trump in Jail During First Campaign Speech

Well, we know what’s on Elizabeth Warren’s mind come 2020, and it’s not just the presidency. Apparently, if you troll her hard enough into national shame, she’ll fantasize about you going to prison.


Warren was on the road to being the number one contender against Trump in 2020 until she found herself taking a DNA test to prove her claims of being Native American, only to find out she’s so white that neo-Nazis got jealous. Her image has never quite recovered, but she hit the 2020 campaign trail regardless.

Now she spends her campaign speeches ranting about Trump’s nasty tweets and asking if they’re going to let them control us.

She’d know.

In Iowa, Warren took it one step further and fantasized with her supporters about Trump not only not being President but being in jail during her first campaign speech.

“One of the things we’re gonna have to decide about how campaigns go forward is about what Donald Trump does every day,” Warren said. “Every day, there is a racist tweet, a hateful tweet, something really dark and ugly. And what are we as candidates, as activists, as the press, going to do about that? Are we going to chase after those every day? Are we going to let him use those to divide us?”

“You know, here’s what bothers me,” she continued. “By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president. In fact, he may not even be a free person.”


“Here’s how I see it,” Warren said. “Donald Trump is not the only problem we’ve got. Yeah. Donald Trump is the symptom of a badly broken system.”

Warren explained later on that she thinks he’ll go to jail because apparently there are enough investigations, and she’s playing the odds.

“Come on, how many investigations are there now, into him? It’s no longer just the Mueller investigation… These are serious investigations.”


This would be like me firing off potshots at a target from 5,000 yards away with a 9mm handgun, and telling you that eventually one of my bullets will find the target because I have faith in the bullet. Not only would you say I’m overly optimistic, but you’d also rightfully conclude that I have no idea how my gun works. I can take all the shots I want, claiming each one well hit true, but at the end of the day, my target would be whole and clean.

The Washington Post and New York Times would still write puff pieces about me for shooting at it, though.


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