It's Clear Why the Mainstream Media Went Starkly Silent On Recent Democrat Moves On Abortion

When New York passed its shocking law that allows a baby to be given a lethal injection up to birth the media, so loud about abortion news, suddenly began dancing around the issue like the story was a live mine.


As highlighted by the Media Research Center on Tuesday, the mainstream media hardly gave any time whatsoever to the horrific law that New York now operated by:

An analysis by the Media Research Center found that New York’s Reproductive Health Act has not received a second of airtime on any of the major broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC) or liberal cable news networks (CNN, MSNBC) since it was signed into law on January 22. The new legislation legalizes abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy in some cases, and it permits healthcare workers other than abortion doctors to terminate pregnancies.

Now it would appear the media has decided that the news out of Virginia where lawmakers are pushing for literal infanticide, is not worth reporting about according to Becket Adams of the Washington Times on Thursday:

ABC, CBS, and NBC News made no mention whatsoever of the governor’s interview during their morning and evening newscasts, according to an analysis by NewsBusters. CNN and MSNBC similarly ignored the story Wednesday evening, according to a separate report by the same group. Only Fox News covered Northam’s remarks throughout the day.

Over in the world of print, the New York Times’ only contribution to covering the Northam interview was to cross-post an Associated Press report that focused entirely on the reaction to what the governor said, not the fact that he said it. The Washington Post, which is local to the controversy, likewise published the AP story alone with a single original report examining conservative “ backlash” to the governor’s interview. USA Today, the third most circulated paper in the United States, didn’t cover the story at all.


Why would the media suddenly go so silent on an issue it’s purportedly proud of? The answer is easy.

It knows that America isn’t on board with what the Democrats are pushing, and that such a story would tarnish the carefully cultivated perception of how abortion is viewed in America.

A recent Marist Poll found that 81 percent of Americans and even 66 percent of pro-abortion Americans believe third-trimester abortion should be restricted.

This falls in line with a Gallup Poll from last June, which found that only 13 percent of Americans thought third-trimester abortions should be legal.

Thanks to the polls, we know that what we’ve seen out of both Virginia and New York would horrify a public that holds a very contrary opinion to what Democrats are trying to push right now. Infanticide, especially, is a very bad look.

Thus the media has gone radio silent with the exception of a few articles here and there running defense for Democrats, such as one sickening piece out of the Washington Post defending Del. Kathy Tran who came up with Virginia’s infanticidal plan, by painting her as a mother being threatened with death.

Del. Kathy Tran was known for nursing her baby on the House floor. Now she’s getting death threats,” reads the WaPo article by Antonio Olivo.

The article itself tries to paint the video of Tran’s House floor video where she admitted that the bill would allow the baby to be killed during birth as edited, and simultaneously that Tran “misspoke” about the bill’s intent. Olivo also tries to paint Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a hapless victim of the right-wing attack machine who took his words out of context when he talked about the bill himself during a radio show interview.


“So in this particular example, if a mother’s in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen,” Northram said. “The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

The media is trying it’s best to control the narrative around these events right now, but the truth is that if the media was actually doing its job, and the general public really came to understand what the increasingly Democratic party was up to, then there would be hell to pay for the left.


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