Ocasio-Cortez Calls Trump's Disregard of Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro as Its President "Concerning" and "Non-Democratic"


Since yesterday, Venezuela’s leadership has been called into question after its National Assembly delegitimized Nicholas Maduro as its President and made opposition leader Juan Guaido as its leader.

In response, President Donald Trump sent out a statement saying he does not recognize Maduro as President of Venezuela and acknowledges Guaido as its “Interim President.”

Since then, people have been reaching out to U.S. politicians who support socialism, namely Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).


Well, it would appear that AOC understood that avoiding the question would look worse than actually addressing it, and so she did…

…and subsequently made herself look even worse.

According to the Daily Caller, while AOC admittedly called the humanitarian crisis “concerning,” she called Trump’s approach of encouraging the delegitimizing of Maduro as “non-Democratic” and called it just as concerning.

“Our office is monitoring it closely. I think that, you know, the humanitarian crisis is extremely concerning but, you know, when we use non-Democratic means to determine leadership, that’s also concerning, as well,” Ocasio-Cortez told the DCNF. “So, we’re figuring out our response and making sure that we center the people of Venezuela first and foremost.”

Either Ocasio-Cortez is ignorant of the events transpiring in Venezuela or she’s completely okay with them in regards to how Maduro has kept his power.

Maduro has rigged elections and stacked the odds against his opponent in various ways for years, making Venezuela’s elections absolutely illegitimate. Trump’s disregard of Maduro as any kind of leader is in no way non-Democratic, as non-Democratic would be the way Maduro has handled his maintenance of power.


The reality is that the protests being encouraged by the opposition party to Maduro, and the acknowledgment of the Venezuelan Assembly of Guadio as interim President is one of the more Democratic things to happen in Venezuela in some time.

AOC seems rather ignorant of this, or she doesn’t quite like that her ideological kin is being shown the door. Normally, I’d say it’s the latter reason, since AOC has consistently demonstrated a lack of knowledge about many things, but in this situation, I’m not so sure.


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