Texas Democrats Attempt Legislation to Force Businesses to Act Against Their Christian Values

The party that booed God during one of their conventions is now trying to oust Him from businesses through their representatives in Texas.

According to The Resurgent, the Democrats attempted to pass several bills that would essentially force Christian businesses owners to act contrary to their religious beliefs in their day-t0-day life:


HB 224, HB 254, and SB 151 would force Christian small businesses to to provide their goods and services to support sexual orientation and transgenderism. All for profit businesses would have to allow men to use women’s bathrooms. And contractors who take business from the state would have to give up their deeply held religious views if those views do not affirm transgenderism.

HB 517 would ban Christian counseling services unless those Christian counselors buy into gender identity nonsense.

HB 850 would force Christian businesses to pay for same-sex benefits.

SB 154 would force doctors, even against their conscience, to create new birth certificates and other documents for gender identity.

Democrats would look at this kind of thing as “progressive” or “practicing tolerance.” Really what it is is the Democrat’s exposed bigotry toward those with Christian beliefs, which seems to be a constant pattern from the left quite recently, as Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw pointed out in a tweet.


Democrats are looking for a way to control the populace’s loyalties to anything higher than the government.

The way it should work is if a person comes across a business with an owner who puts his faith into his work and that person doesn’t agree with his Christian practices, then he or she should move on to the next business. Forcing the Christian owner to take your money because he didn’t want to bake your transition cake seems an odd way of punishing someone for their faith.

Either way, Democrats are demonstrating, once again, that they don’t really care about your personal beliefs. They don’t really respect the ideas of freedom this nation was founded on. What they respect is how the political winds are blowing, and they have crowned themselves today’s moral arbiters.

These moral arbiters have decreed that your personal freedoms don’t matter. You will be made to care. Bake the damn cake.




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