Nathan Phillips Wants to Meet With Covington Kids to Teach Them "Tolerance" After Spending Days Smearing Them

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Native American activist and apparent chronic liar Nathan Phillips spent the larger part of a week slandering a group of school students from Covington Catholic, painting them as racists who surrounded and taunted him during the March for Life in D.C.


As RedState has covered extensively, the story Phillips gave the mainstream media — and subsequently the story it chose to run with without double checking facts — was a completely false one. The students turned out to be the victims of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate group who were screaming racist, vile things at the students, and Phillips waded into the middle of what he was sure were racist students in MAGA hats in order to provoke a response.

He didn’t really get a response, but the media targeted the students anyway, prompting no end of hatred to come at the kids in the form of calling for their expulsion from school, or just being burned alive while in it. Upon the collapse of the narrative, leftist figures rushed to delete their horrific tweets targeting the kids, while some outlets attempted to double down on the claims that the students were racist by grasping at any straws they could, further embarrassing themselves.

Meanwhile, it turns out Nathan Phillips’ claims about his identity as a Vietnam vet were completely false, as were his claims that the kids were mocking him and the Black Hebrew Israelites, who he said were just talking among themselves.


It also turned out that the day after Phillips made headlines with his confrontation with the Covington kids, he led an attempt to interrupt an ongoing Catholic service with 20 activists at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.

Needless to say, Phillips isn’t very tolerant but will excuse hate groups blatantly flinging racist things at kids, and help generate an outraged mob that will promote to do far worse. He referred to the Covington kids as a “lynch mob” who attempted to intimidate and mock him. Yet, they clearly weren’t anything like that at all.

In fact, a Cincinnati restaurateur named Jeff Ruby offered to fly Phillips first class to “break bread and make amends” with the students, which Phillips refused.

“It’s not the right time,” Phillips told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “I might consider it at some point. There’d have to be certain assurances in place, give and take, and understanding.”

Apparently, after days of slander, smears, and the false accusation he put on the Covington Catholic students, Phillips says he’s ready to meet with them according to the Daily Wire:


Now Phillips wants to “create space for the teaching of tolerance to happen,” days after he smeared children.

“We feel that there is a distinct lack of understanding and appreciation of Native peoples and traditions worldwide. It’s time to address the indecency of culturally appropriating our ritual movements and songs for the enjoyment of non-Native peoples,” Phillips said.

The absurdity of this is beyond any kind of sense the real world can provide. Wonderland wasn’t this weird.

The man who has demonstrated intolerance and deceit has now deemed it time to nobly saunter on down to the school to meet with the kids that he falsely painted as racist villains for the better part of a week so that he can teach them how to be better people.

If the school has any sense, it will refuse Mr. Phillips’ gracious offer and allow him to keep his “morality” to himself.


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