The Media Is Showing Us Their Sick Desperation With the New Covington Catholic "Black Face" Story

Screenshot: Twitter

The leftist mainstream media and the mob it creates lost the fight over the Covington Catholic kids narrative. It turns out that the kids are innocent, and Nathan Phillips, the Native America activist, and an apparent liar, instigated the entire thing.


It was crucial information that the press didn’t wait to come out, or as Robby Soave of Reason pointed out, didn’t bother to look for. They wanted — no, needed their smoking gun and a kid smiling awkwardly at a Native American activist who was too close to his face was a morsel just too juicy to pass up.

Members of the press understand that they’ve gone too far, and rushed to judgment in order to keep their overall narrative alive. However, some in the media are still desperate to prove themselves right amidst the collapsing narrative.

Apparently, some on the left have begun combing through anything they can find pertaining to the Covington Catholic school and found a video of the students covered in black paint. The narrative, as supported by outlets the New York Daily News, is now that the MAGA hat wearing kids are actually racist after all because they’re guilty of “black face.”


Of course, this too is an absurd lie. The kids aren’t doing the derogatory black face and screaming at a black player on the opposite team out of some uncontrollable racism. They’re doing so because their team color is black, and they’re performing a “black out,” where the school shows its support for their sports teams by all dressing in the same school colors, some going so far as to paint their faces and bodies as you can see in the picture above.

This is pure desperation by a leftist owned press that is seeking to redeem itself in the face of a failed attempt at proving once and for all that the world is everything they say it is. So in need are they for a win in the Trump era that they’ll do whatever it takes in order to paint Trump and his supporters as the racists they’ve been screaming from rooftops about.

They don’t care if they have to put children in danger to accomplish this. They’ll grasp at any and every straw they find.


This was best characterized early on Tuesday when Joy Behar of The View essentially admitted during a segment discussing the knee-jerk attack on the Covington Catholic boys that the reason they jumped so quickly at the story is that they’re desperate to get Trump out of office. Co-host Whoopie Goldberg had to remind Behar that they were talking about the kids, not Trump.

As I wrote about the incident, it’s incredibly telling that their desperation is so great that they don’t even see that they’re putting children in danger. All they see is Trump.

The media needs to admit that they not only lost this battle, but they need to come face to face with what they’ve become as a result of their own hatred and bias. They’ve sunk to the level of hurting innocent kids at this point, and they need to stop.


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