Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw Says He'll Debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Of all the freshman that have entered the marbled halls of Washington, Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw has proved to be one of the best, especially when contrasted against some of the other freshman lawmakers such as New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has exhibited some extremely negative traits.


The two are so contrasted as to be polar opposites, and as such, would be perfectly suited to debate one another, and according to the Daily Wire, that’s exactly what Crenshaw has offered to do.

The topic came up during an interview with Crenshaw last month with Turning Point USA’s Mike Aye during their Student Activism Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ever civil, Crenshaw made it clear that while he’s a staunch conservative, he doesn’t view Democrats as evil.

“I’m very conservative,” Crenshaw said. “There’s not a whole lot of things I agree with on the Left. But, that doesn’t mean they’re bad people, and I would appreciate if they didn’t think we were bad people just because we have these conservative beliefs…”

Crenshaw was then asked about the popularity of democratic socialism, and his response hit on the ideas that Ocasio-Cortez is touting.

“So we talked about, you know, bad people, bad ideas. This is a good example of a very bad idea,” Crenshaw said. “That’s democratic socialism in a nutshell. It’s a dangerous idea. It’s outside the window of reasonable debate. That’s the reality. The things that they are proposing, Green New Deal, destroy all fossil fuels within 10 years. These are outside the windows of reasonable debate.”


“But you know socialism is — democratic socialism, it doesn’t matter what you call it, when you look at their policies it is socialism — for all sorts of reasons are dangerous and if we ever have any doubts about what those dangers might be, we can just look at century’s worth of history on what socialism has done to people and countries and it’s not good,” said Crenshaw. “It’s not good. It’s a great way to undermine the foundations that make this country great. There is nothing to discuss there.”

Aye told Crenshaw that he’d be the perfect person to debate Ocasio-Cortez, to which Crenshaw said Aye wasn’t the first person to tell him that. When asked if he would, Crenshaw said he’d be happy to but isn’t sure Ocasio-Cortez’s positions would allow for anything meaningful.

“Yeah, why not?” he said. “Of course, I’ll debate anybody pretty much. I could imagine that being interesting and fun. At the same time, what are you even debating? It would be a good show but our ideas are so far removed from each other.”

Even before he took office he’s been exhibiting a level of character uncommon in Washington today and completely opposite of Ocasio-Cortez.

Crenshaw’s hilarious and touching appearance on Saturday Night Live with Pete Davidson after Davidson had insulted him was an introduction to his nature, and even earned more praise after going so far as to defend the left-leaning show against President Donald Trump in regards to its ability to openly express its opinions, no matter how dumb they are.


Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez is abrasive enough to attack those both within and without her own party over the slightest criticism of her.

Crenshaw is willingly giving up his paycheck in solidarity with federal workers during the shutdown. Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez seems to be holding onto her pay even though she publicly virtue signaled to lawmakers about giving up their pay during the shutdown, urging them to have some principles.

Crenshaw is correct, however. While the debate between the two would be a solid show and Ocasio-Cortez would more than likely be demolished, it wouldn’t move anyone’s ideological needle one iota.



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