Gen Z Is Forgoing College to Attend Trade Schools, and This Is Horrid News for the Left

Mark Delbeck of Burlington Electric, checks the radio frequency of a newly-installed "smart" meter on Thursday, May 10, 2012, in Burlington, Vt. Vermont has become a hotbed in the debate over possible health effects and damage to privacy from a new generation of "smart" electric meters, wth lawmakers passing a measure to block utilities from charging customers for not having them. It's possible Vermont is the first state to not charge customers to "opt-out."(AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

Generation Z, the generation coming up after Millennials, are proving that they’re going to be the next great generation in terms of not being an ungrateful waste of space.


A report from Vice last year pointed out that Gen Z, which consists of those born between the mid-’90s and the early 2000’s, are attempting to avoid the mistakes of millennials and focus on getting jobs that pay well without acquiring useless degrees and crushing debt:

For decades, technical and vocational schools have been falling out of favor, as more and more people opt for getting advanced degrees at four-year colleges. But recently, with the job market over-promising and underpaying, the trend has begun to reverse: States have started to reinvest in trade schools. And the generation inheriting volatile job prospects, a gig economy, and contract pay is following suit.

Generation Z—those who were born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s—are more often turning to trade schools to avoid the skyrocketing student debt crisis and hone skills that translate directly into jobs, from electrical engineering to cosmetology. While the power of trade unions has dwindled, and societal value still favors more elite professions, young students are finding themselves drawn to stable paychecks in fields where there’s an obvious need.

According to the Washington Post in October, the student debt has reached a mindblowing $1.53 trillion. This debt shared by so many millennials has put them on the fast track to failure despite the fact that they hold masters degrees. They own no houses because they can’t afford to have one, and it doesn’t help that despite their expensive degrees, they’re finding it difficult to get a decently paying job due to the fact that the job market is choked with an excess of graduates all trying to get the same career going.


The entire debacle has resulted in millennials living with their parents into their 30’s and being far worse off than their parents were at their age.

So ingrained in our culture is the idea of the importance of college to our prosperity that we’ve sidelined the very idea of skilled labor as a legitimate option, and even somewhat consider it beneath us.

Generation Z, however, is not making that mistake. As a result, more and more are moving away from the highrise office and looking more seriously at learning how to be an electrician or plumber.

Somewhere right now, Mike Rowe is smiling, as he’s been pushing this idea for some time now, and even has gone so far as to dismiss the importance of the University in the age of having every bit of knowledge you can ask for at your fingertips, including free college lectures you can find online.

For all intents and purposes, the U.S. should be considering this move by Gen Z as a wonderful and smart idea. However, this move away from University is going to cause some serious problems for the left.

For the left, colleges and universities are where they can finally begin injecting their politics into your child and convincing them that the country they grew up in is an evil empire filled with greedy capitalists and racist right-wingers. Jordan Peterson explains it best in his Prager U video: just how skilled these professors are at teaching youthful minds how to believe some of the foulest things.


On top of that, it’s the place where your child can accumulate crushing debt and acquire minimal prospects, making them support a statist system of government that promises to relieve them of their burdens if only they will support the politicians who seek to spread the wealth out enough for that to happen.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) is only too happy to promote the idea of free college where students can be taught to think just as he does, not just by professors forcing these ideas down their throats, but by a debt system that puts them into a position where they’re more ready to believe it.

As the Senator wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post:

In my view, education is essential for personal and national well-being. We live in a highly competitive, global economy, and if our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. We won’t achieve that if, every year, hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college while millions more leave school deeply in debt. We need to ensure that every young person in this country who wishes to go to college can get the education that he or she desires, without going into debt and regardless of his or her family’s income.

If Gen Z is turning its back on all of this, then you might actually start to see the edge the left currently has on the populace begin to dull. No more indoctrinated youths taking to sidewalks with picket signs and half-assed beliefs, fewer leftist voters blindly following orders, and no more student debt weighing on a populace in an already troubled economy greasing the wheels for socialistic beliefs.




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