WATCH: "A Very Libertarian Christmas" Is the Most Hilarious Christmas Video You'll See This Year

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Whether you’re a frequent reader of Reason or you hate that site with all your might, it might have one of the best YouTube pages among the right-leaning publications.


Between Remi’s hilarious songs and Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg’s hilarious Libertarian takes on pop-culture, like the Libertarian values they espouse, the videos that come out of are massively underrated.

The trio created or starred in videos like “Star Wars Libertarian Special” and “Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition” in which you’ll find Bragg, Heaton, and Remi playing characters within the universes they’re spoofing. Their latest Libertarian take, however, revolves around the Christmas season.

Watch as the trio have to tell kids that there is no such thing as “Sanders,” and Santa is stopped from entering a private residence due to his lack of a warrant. They also tell the story of how Jesus had to sleep in a manger due to absurd AirB&B regulations, and more.



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