Report: The Star Wars Franchise Heading for a "Reset" According to Source

(Lucasfilm via AP)

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, the most famous sci-fi franchise on the planet, then you’ve probably had a rough time with liking the series lately.

As I’ve noted in previous articles, the last few films have been absolutely horrendous, with the galaxy gar, gar away being subjected to modern-day political correctness, horrendous writing, and disrespectful treatment of beloved characters.


In an effort to make the Star Wars franchise into a vehicle for social justice narratives, leftists even tried to make it seem like the hate for the recent addition to the franchise “The Last Jedi” was a result of Russian trolls stirring up bad feelings. Executive Producer for the films, J.J. Abrams even claimed that hate for the film was based on a fear of women.

While both of those claims are demonstrably false, and proving that the current leads on the franchise are more politically driven than they are artistical, other film spinoffs suffered, such as the recently released “Solo” movie that tells the story of a young Han Solo. Because of the film’s miserable return, Disney announced that the Star Wars spinoff films would be put on hold.

However, that might not be the only aspect of the franchise put on hold.

According to The Mirror, a source has claimed that Disney may be stopping to reexamine the films and possibly go in a new direction.

This news comes after the fan site Rebel Scum reported that the annual LEGO Star Wars Day at LEGOLAND California event has been canceled. According to an  unnamed source, “the motivation was to refocus expenditure and limit Star Wars exposure to reset the franchise and allow fans to heal.”


At this time, there is no telling what “reset” means, whether that be an entire rewrite (unlikely) or just an entirely new direction. If Disney has any interest in bringing the fans back after this reported period of healing, they’ll ditch the politics and embrace the true spirit of the franchise.

Regardless, the failures of the Star Wars franchise has proven that getting woke results in going broke no matter how big you are. Let’s hope the lesson has been sufficiently learned.

The next Star Wars film, Episode IX, is still slated for release late next year.



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