NY Dem Behind Bill Requiring Gun Buyers Have Internet Background Checks for Mean Posts Tells GOP Staffer to Kill Herself

Oh, what irony.

The left doesn’t seem to be able to take as well as it gives, and it sure gives a lot when it comes to online nastiness. This is hilarious, given the fact that the left is constantly complaining about how vitriolic the right is on social media, and are consistently begging whatever trust and safety council runs any given social media platform to punish and silence the right.


New York politicians are a special breed, though. They want to paint any negative social media interaction you’ve had as a dark mark against you and are willing to use any mean posts you made on the internet as an excuse to consider you too unstable to practice your Second Amendment right.

In November, I wrote about how New York Senator Kevin Palmer was crafting legislation that would require anyone trying to buy a gun to submit to a search of their social media history dating back three years to search for hate speech. The creators of the bill compared mean or inappropriate internet posts to shooting someone, assault, and robbery, because they’re totally the same.

Ignoring the fact that what is considered hate speech changes with the political winds, it’s far too dangerous to dictate what is and isn’t permissible to say online in order to practice your constitutional rights. In fact, I’m pretty sure if we took this to a high enough court, we may find that the bill is pretty unconstitutional.

That didn’t stop New York Senator Kevin Parker from backing the bill, however. Clearly, the man is concerned that mean tweets spell big trouble, and wants a safer, kinder New York.

Which is weird, since he told a GOP staffer to kill herself in a tweet recently.

According to the Free Beacon, Candice Giove, the deputy communications director for the New York State Senate’s Republican majority, was doing a little investigating of a car that was blocking a bike lane on 2nd Ave. between 43rd and 44th streets in New York City. Giove discovered the car belonged to Parker and called him out publicly over the violation.


Parker’s response?

“Kill yourself,” he tweeted.

Parker has since deleted the tweet, but as I’ve stressed repeatedly, the internet is forever.

Giove responded by asking if a sitting senator really just tweeted this at her, causing Parker to walk his words back and apologize.

Of course, Parker couldn’t just let Giove walk away unscathed, and proceeded to precognitively proclaim she was on the “wrong side of history.”


According to the New York Post, Parker has a history of Alec Baldwin levels of nastiness towards others, with one incident involving him assaulting an official over a traffic ticket:

In 2005, he was charged with assault after brawling with a traffic agent over a ticket. A plea deal required him to take anger management training.

Three years later, a staff member accused Parker of shouting at her, shoving her and intentionally stomping on her eyeglasses.

In 2009, Parker was charged with felony assault for allegedly hitting a newspaper photographer, breaking his camera and damaging his car.

And in 2010, he cursed at fellow Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) during a closed door Democratic conference meeting.

That same year, he accused state Senate Republicans publicly of being white supremacists and some of his fellow Democrats as closeted racists.


Parker’s latest outburst comes as Senate Democrats prepare to take over the chamber’s majority in January. He was named last week by incoming Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee.

As charming as Parker is, given the descriptions of his past exploits, I don’t believe he’s the kind of guy who should be dictating what is and isn’t permissible to say. He can barely control himself, it seems.



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