Rand Paul Savages The Weekly Standard On Twitter, Calls Dead Magazine a Group of "Fake Conservatives"

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is causing no shortage of outrage on Twitter as he applauded the death of The Weekly Standard, hailing the magazine as being run by “fake conservatives.”


Paul was responding to an article written at American Greatness which also celebrated the death of the publication created by Bill Kristol. The author of the article described The Weekly Standard’s demise as a symbol of the death of a Bush style of conservatism and the rise of “American conservatism.”

The Weekly Standard, just like its founder, was famously pro-war and pushed Republicans for the Iraq War during George W. Bush’s time as President. Of course, being pro-war is not a good way to get on Paul’s libertarian side.

“Good riddance to the fake conservatives and warmongers,” tweeted Paul.

The reaction to Paul’s tweet was a mixture of outrage and agreement.



This tweet from Paul comes a few days after a tweet from Trump, who is also celebrating the fall of the publication.

Kristol responded to Trump, declaring that while he and his crew are down, they’re not out.

“I think [Trump] wants us to rest in peace, the spirit of The Weekly Standard to rest in peace,” Kristol said on MSNBC according to the Daily Caller. “He wants people like me and Steve Hayes, and John McCormack, and Charlie Sykes to go away and stop trying to save conservatism and the Republican Party — and indeed America to some degree … We will not rest in peace.”



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