George W. Bush Gifts Michelle Obama Something Sweet In Special Moment While Greeting Her at His Father's Funeral

Screenshot: YouTube

Former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Michelle Obama are admittedly good friends, with Mrs. Obama calling Bush her “partner in crime” in the past.


One of the innocent crimes the two seem to enjoy together is sharing candy during funerals.

During the funeral of John McCain, Bush was caught on video slipping Mrs. Obama some candy while they sat together.

While Bush was being escorted down the aisle of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. where George H.W. Bush’s funeral was being held, Bush can be seen reaching into his pocket and placing something in his hand. After shaking the hands of current President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and former President Barack Obama, Bush handed Mrs. Obama a piece of candy.

This warm interaction speaks a lot more than a cute moment.

It shows that even people on opposite ends of the aisle don’t have to hate each other and can get along just fine, and even share special moments with one another. I only wish that this was a more common site, but thanks to a divisive media egged on by social media interactions, we’re primarily caught up with owning one another.

I hope we get to see more moments like these between the Bush’s and Obamas, or frankly, any members on the opposite side of the aisle. Lord knows we need a little less vitriol and a little more kindness.

Maybe one day.



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