WATCH: Bob Dole Stands From Wheelchair So He Can Salute George H.W. Bush In Breathtakingly Powerful Moment

(Screenshot: YouTube)

George H.W. Bush had the respect and love of his colleagues. That much is absolutely clear.

Bush was so loved by his fellow politicians that many are putting aside their old rivalries in order to pay their high respects. Some, like old friends, are making sure that they send off the 41st President with all the respect they have.


While Bush was lying in state, former Senate Majority Leader, fellow Republican, and fellow WW2 veteran Bob Dole came to see his friend off. Dole is now incapable of walking and is forced to be pushed around in a wheelchair, however, his inability to stand on his own didn’t stop him from standing for Bush.

With the help of an aide, 95-year-old Dole stood from his wheelchair and saluted his fellow veteran in a powerful and heartfelt moment.

The heart-wrenching moments have been flooding in since Bush passed. Also visiting his casket was his service dog, Sully. The yellow lab was Bush’s constant companion after the passing of his wife Barbara Bush, whom he will be buried next to in College Station, Texas, after the conclusion of his funeral.

Many were also on hand to pay their respects, including Democrats Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

The funeral will take place Wednesday at the National Cathedral in Washington, where President Donald Trump and the remaining living former presidents will also attend. The eulogy will be given by his son and former president George W. Bush.



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