Fox News Dethroned In the Ratings As It Can't Compete With These Channels During the Holiday Season

This photo provided by Crown Media Family Networks shows kittens playing football in a scene from the Hallmark Channel's "Kitten Bowl II," airing on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, 12 p.m. ET/PT, 11 CT. (AP Photo/Crown Media Family Networks, Menachem Adelman)

During the holiday season, people don’t really care all that much about what Democrats are doing or what Trump is saying. They’re more interested dreaming of a white Christmas, jack frost nipping at your nose, and padded men crashing into one another over a leather ball.


According to the Daily Caller, prime time no longer belongs to Fox News and has instead been replaced in the ratings by ESPN and Hallmark. As Christmas nears, politics is being replaced by feel-good Christmas stories and football with the ratings as follows:

1. ESPN — 2,164,000

2. Hallmark — 2,109,000

3. Fox News — 2,071,000

4. MSNBC — 1,945,000

5. USA — 1,182,000

That doesn’t mean that Fox News is toppled in the ratings overall. In terms of overall viewership, the conservative-leaning news channel is still number one, but Hallmark is nipping at its heels:

1. Fox News — 1,327,000

2. Hallmark — 1,159,000

3. MSNBC — 1,070,000

4. Nickelodeon — 821,000

5. ESPN — 782,000

Fox News is continuously coming out on top, not only in terms of cable news but cable channels overall. It continuously beats out MSNBC and especially CNN, but even the news giant can’t compete with the wholesomeness of the Hallmark channel.


And who can blame them? This year has been something of a roller coaster in terms of the news cycle with the midterms and the constant frenzy that is the Trump administration coverage taking a tole on the American psyche. Fatigue is likely heavy, and it’s probably much healthier to turn to other things during the most wonderful time of the year and give our outrage a break.



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