Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Not the Smartest, and Democrats Need to Stop Trying to Squelch People Calling It Out

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We’re not allowed to make fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says the left, even in her most inane moments.

Getting up in arms over people on the right making fun of Ocasio-Cortez is fast becoming the latest talking point, and attacking the Democrat’s newest sweetheart from New York is just bad form.


The problem is that the right makes fun of the “democratic socialist” because she cannot get in front of a camera or sit down at a keyboard without rattling off something either patently ridiculous or straight up stupid. It’s gotten so bad that she’s become a meme.

The folks at Townhall complied seven of the most ridiculous things Ocasio-Cortez has ever said, including how defeating global warming will be comparable to defeating Nazi Germany and how electing Democrats equals ending slavery, which history disagrees with to a great degree.

While these seven examples are great, they’re a drop in the bucket. It seems that Ocasio-Cortez comes out with something stupid to say nearly every day. It wasn’t long ago that she was comparing members of the Honduran migrant caravan to those who suffered through the Holocaust. Recently, the young Democrat thought she had nailed the Pentagon on needless spending that could have been directed toward her loony “Medicare for all” scheme, only to have economic experts AND HER OWN FOLLOWERS tell her to cool it with the reckless stupidity.

By the way, she still can’t tell us how she’d pay for her Medicare scheme and the free college for all on top of that, but what she can do is deliver the largest bowl of word salad you’ve ever seen.


I can cut Ocasio-Cortez a break or two here and there. She’s new to the scene, very young, and obviously kept the company of people with about as much common sense as a weathered brick. The problem is that she hasn’t learned from her mistakes. She continues to get in front of cameras and tweet ridiculous things out, and even doubles down on them when called out.

Not only is that a sign of someone who is not all that intelligent, but it’s also a sign of immaturity. Everyone gets things wrong and isn’t knowledgeable about whole a lot of things about this globe we live on, including yours truly. Ignorance is not stupidity. Stupidity is the choice to stay ignorant and act on that ignorance. Ocasio-Cortez does this like it’s her job, which it might actually be given the fact that her tweets generate such support that I wonder if the Democrats allow it because a stupid vote generated by stupidly generated outrage is still a vote.

Hilariously, if Ocasio-Cortez was on the right, then the left would be having a field day with talking about how stupid and ignorant she is.

They took every measure to see to it that every flaw and gaffe from Sarah Palin was highlighted in order to paint her as the dumbest woman alive. They even attributed a quote to her that she didn’t even say in the form of Tina Fey’s satirical SNL caricature of Palin and her “I can see Russia from my house” line. Interestingly, the left actually bought that Palin had said it and actually used the line as proof of how Republicans were stupid.


George W. Bush was consistently hailed as a moron as the leftist media, from the news to Hollywood, bashed him over his gaffes and his down-home way of speaking ad nauseam. In reality, as former Bush staffer Keith Hennesy would describe telling his students in a superb 2013 article, Bush was usually the smartest guy in the room capable of discerning complicated matters and problem-solving so quickly it would make your head spin.

Dan Quayle misspelled potato once, and you would have thought he was the stupidest man alive by the media’s telling.

For the left, the thought that Republicans are stupid is a default setting. The leftist media in all its forms will do whatever it can to reinforce that fact, even when the person they’re painting as moronic is an intelligence beyond any of them. Meanwhile, they’re only too happy to ignore the idiotic things coming from their own party.

Ocasio-Cortez is one of those things they are purposefully ignoring.

If you were to ask me, the left knows damn good and well that their darling is every bit as foolish and asinine as Republicans claim she is, but so are many of their voters. If Ocasio-Cortez is good at one thing, it’s attracting the youth who know about as much as she does in regards to everything she talks ignorantly about. The amount of likes and retweets that she gets on even her most ridiculous Twitter posts is enough to make you want to take the first settlement shuttle to Mars.


So the Democrats will stand by silently and hope that no one in her voting group notices how unintelligent she is, and bank on those who do notice to generate enough outrage to the point of people defending her purely out of spite. This won’t sustain, however. Eventually, Ocasio-Cortez is going to drag the entire party down with her, and Democrats will wish they had distanced themselves from her from the get-go.

They should probably just give up the facade now to save face in the future.


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