Sarah Palin Loses Her Home in Alaskan Earthquake, and Her Haters Respond Exactly How You Think They Would

By now you heard of the horrific earthquake that struck Alaska. What the damage or death toll is still isn’t fully known, but one person who did lose her house was former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.


Palin reported on Twitter that while her family was safe, their house was destroyed.

“[Pray] for Alaska,” tweeted Palin. “Our family is intact – house is not… I imagine that’s the case for many, many others. So thankful to be safe; praying for our state following the earthquake.”

For the most part, Palin received responses of relief and well-wishing. However, as you can imagine, Palin attracts a very vicious breed of hater, and the responses varied from letting her know that they were either happy that her house was flattened, to jabbing her with insults about her family.


One user, in particular, caught my eye, however. While most of these caused me to feel angry over how someone could be so cruel, this one made me laugh. Apparently, one leftist seems to believe that the reason the earthquake occurred is because of climate change, and seems to hope that this episode will cause Palin to really rethink her beliefs.

Yes. The church of climate change has their claws so deep in this guy that he truly believes that climate change is affecting the very tectonic plates.

Palin’s haters are definitely mean, but now we can see that they’re also enormously stupid.


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