Watch: Leftist Student Protesters at Anti-Ben Shapiro Rally Go Silent as Minority YAF Members Ask If They're Racist

Screenshot: YouTube

If conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is showing up at your college, you can usually bet that it will be accompanied by a bunch of chanting leftists opposing him.


Typically, they have no idea what Ben Shapiro said or did to deserve to be protested, and asking them will usually result in shrugs, head shakes, refusals to talk, or even threats of violence.

At one such October protest at the University of Southern California, protesters were delivering the usual anti-right/anti-Shapiro rhetoric and naming him and the Young Americans for Freedom as racist, white supremacists.

Funny enough, minority students make up a part of the YAF membership at the school, and in fact, their board at the USC is majority women. One minority woman in particular who is half black, half Hispanic, decided to confront some of the protesters throwing the accusations of racism at them to ask if she’s racist.

The protesters who were asked could give little to no response. One student, in particular, couldn’t seem to make up his mind and both nodded in agreement and shook his head in disagreement. Apparently, there was no pre-programmed response to this kind of situation.


The woman was soon joined by another member whose family hails from Central America and even immigrated here illegally. He also posed the same question, but the protesters could only, at this point, stand in complete silence and hoped this situation would pass by.

Eventually, a fellow protester came and instructed the YAF members to leave, causing the questioner to ask why the protesters think minorities and women should be forced out of the area? This led to one of the protesters threatening the questioner, noting that they broke some of his equipment earlier, and if he wants to avoid further trouble he should leave.

Once again we see that leftist protesters have zero response to logical questions and, if questioned long enough, they will resort to violence and intimidation.


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