CNN Is Already Signaling It's Going To Be as Biased as Possible in its Coverage of Nancy Pelosi's Time as Speaker

Screenshot: CNN Nancy Pelosi interview

CNN is a clownish network that has fallen from great heights to become the partisan hack job that it is today.

While that may seem harsh, the actions it has taken over the past few years have been nothing short of heinous. Be it threatening citizens with doxing because they made a GIF making fun of the network, allowing their hosts to say unapologetically racist things, or even sending activists posing as journalists to the White House who get physical with women in order to hold on to microphones.


And people wonder why CNN doesn’t have a show in the top 25 spots in the cable news rankings.

Just to make sure that you know they will be implicitly biased when it comes to how they’re going to cover the incoming Democratic House, CNN is beginning with a puff piece from Dana Bash about its presumed future majority leader Nancy Pelosi.

The video is titled “Nancy Pelosi is the Original Badass Woman of Washington,” and the content matches the breathless worship of its namesake. Within, Bash fawns over Pelosi and really dives into how much she and her family have accomplished, as well as how she’s loved and respected by others on both sides of the aisle.

Bash and Pelosi also go into her feminism, and how her strength as a woman shines through despite consistent belittling from male members of even her own party. Despite all this, Bash makes sure to paint Pelosi as the shining example for all women to follow. Also, she likes chocolate ice cream!

Pelosi is far from the paragon of politics Bash and CNN make her out to be. Pelosi is a political opportunist who oftentimes uses sensationalistic rhetoric filled with half-truths and flat-out lies in order to scare people into supporting whatever agenda she needs to have support for. Even members of her own party don’t like her, as she did note in the video, but the reason they don’t like her isn’t due to her being a woman but due to her consistent failures and lack of leadership ability.


As it stands, the majority of Democrats would rather not see her in a leadership role according to a Gallup poll.

CNN is glad to cover the parties’ division on her, but never really goes into why. The important parts for you to know are that she’s a woman, she fights against adversity for you, and that she backs all the things you care about.

This isn’t a good look for CNN, but CNN seems less and less concerned about how it looks, and more and more concerned about accomplishing an agenda on which it seems to be 100 percent aligned with Democrats.


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