Shock Poll: Majority of Women Believe Dems Were Using Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh for Political Reasons

Anyone who has seen the double-standard Democrats employ when it comes to believing women or showing women respect (particularly women who stand against the Democratic party) knows by now that most Democratic officials couldn’t actually care less about the problems women face in today’s society.


What they really like is power, and the victimization of women is the fast track to it.

Funny enough, many women seem to be fully aware that the Democrats were pushing the sexual allegations of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh strictly for the purposes of political points, and not due to any moral stance about it.

Harvard/Harris took a poll at the end of October, and found that 55% of women believed Democrats were “just using the allegation for political purposes in order to block Kavanaugh’s nomination.”

Ashe Schow from the Daily Wire explains more from the poll:

Also, across the board, respondents said “we need to apply the standards of legal due process to sexual harassment allegations.” 84% of women and 85% of men agreed, versus just 16% of women and 15% of men who felt the standards should be “relaxed when it comes to these allegations.” Young people (aged 18-34) were the most likely to think the legal standards should be relaxed, with 22% saying so. Still, 78% still believe in due process, so there may be hope for the future. Even 85% of Democrats and self-identified liberals said the legal standards should remain the same no matter what the allegation.


So not only do most women not believe the Democrats actually care about all women, they believe that the #MeToo movement might be a little too gung-ho in its stance that all women must be immediately believed. While it’s not saying that women don’t think something happened to Ford, it does seem to be saying that women aren’t too impressed with the way Democrats approached the situation.

Perhaps this, at least in part for the women, is why Democrats aren’t finding as much support as they thought they would this election season.


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