The UK Is Doomed: Man Gets Harsher Sentence for Offending Someone Than Woman Gets for Fatal Hit and Run

The story of Mark Meechan (more popularly known as “Count Dankula”)  is one of the stories of our time that defines where the first world is with its relationship with free speech.


As I’ve written on previously, Meechan decided to play a prank on his girlfriend by teaching her dog to raise his paw when he said things typically associated with Nazism such as “gas the Jews.” Meechan, of course, hates Nazism and even points out that in Hitler’s Germany, such a thing would have actually gotten him in trouble as it would have been considered disrespectful.

Regardless, UK courts believed Meechan committed a “hate crime” with the prank and spent a good deal of time in and out of court until he was eventually found guilty. His punishment was originally jail time, but the Scottish court settled on a fine of 800 pounds. Meechan has said he won’t accept any punishment the court hands down, declaring “I’m not f****** paying it.”

Meechan noted correctly that the conviction “will be used as an example to convict other people over the things they say and the jokes they make”.

“Me having a criminal record and paying an £800 fine is an irrelevance,” added Meechan. “What matters is the precedent this case sets.”

Whether you believe Meechan’s prank to be far outside the realm of permissible or not, the only thing his prank would do is cause disgust. It was offensive to be sure, and that was the point, but it wasn’t harming anyone, and therefore a frightening excuse for the courts to mobilize.


However, Anna Edwards, 25, did harm someone. In fact, she killed someone.

According to the Daily Mail, Edwards was driving her vehicle and speaking to her boyfriend on the phone when she ran over an elderly man who had slipped and fallen into the road. According to witnesses, Edwards witnessed a car ahead of her swerve to avoid the man, had plenty of time to take action herself, but was inattentive and did not take like action and ran over 77-year-old Brian Croxon.

After hitting him, Edwards reportedly drove back around but then decided to flee the scene according to the Daily Mail:

She did not immediately stop. She drove on to the next junction in the road and she turned around and came back to the scene of the collision but by the time she got back, a number of people were surrounding Brian Croxon. She did not stop, she drove past the scene slowly and then she drove on.

Her punishment for killing a man and then fleeing the scene?

A slap on the wrist and a 500 pound fine. This after one of the most outrageous responses from a judge the world may have ever seen.

“I understand this has been an extremely stressful time for you and you are genuinely remorseful for not having stopped and reporting the accident,” Sentencing Judge Bernadette Baxter reportedly said to Edwards according to the Daily Mail. “I hope you understand just how dangerous that behavior was.”


Let’s recap.

Meechan was, not only character assassinated, but continuously drug in and out of court only to be found guilty of committing a “hate crime” for teaching his pug a prank involving Nazis, and given an 800 pound fine.

Edwards killed a man and then fled the scene, was soothed by the judge, and given a 500 pound fine.

There should be marches in the streets all over the UK to protest this kind of injustice.

The injustice certainly wasn’t lost on Meechan.

I feel sorry for anyone in the UK who opens their mouths and strings together words in the wrong order, because it may very well land them in serious trouble. It does seem to be a pattern. Just look at these warnings from English authorities:


This woman questioned authorities about the unfairness of Muslim public prayers vs anyone else’s, and police came to her home and forcefully took her away.

Needless to say, the UK is not in a good place.


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