CNN Commentator Calls Migrant Caravan "Imaginary" but the Realities About It Are Striking

Dominating much of the screens and pixelated pages of the internet are videos, photos, and reports of the thousands-strong migrant caravan currently making its way toward the United States border.


However, if you were to ask CNN, it’s akin to a fairy tale.

CNN political commentator Errol Louis appeared with morning anchor Jim Sciutto to discuss the future of the Republicans in the House and Senate. Louis got onto the topic of what is energizing the Republican base, and one of the things he mentioned was the migrant caravan which according to Louis, is imaginary.

And no one bothered to correct him.

To give Louis the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to assume that he’s talking about the charges being leveled at the caravan, but even then, Louis is still way out of the realm of reality.

One of the fears being put on the caravan is that it contains criminal and terroristic elements. As I’ve written previously at length, the left swears up and down that this isn’t the case, or even possible. However, looking at stats from the Department of Homeland Security and Texas Border Patrol, it’s far more likely that it does, given that in just nine years, nearly 70,000 people were captured at the border that hailed from countries which are either “of interest” or are state sponsors of terrorism. Texas Border Patrol itself has captured known terrorists at the southern border.


Let’s not fail to mention that even migrants within the migrant caravan itself (which definitely exists) have admitted that there are criminals within its ranks.

Whether or not CNN wants to admit the realities of a massive migrant caravan is moot at this point. The migrants and reality will be at the U.S. border soon. In fact, reports that the migrants were given charter buses from Mexico itself have risen up.

It’s an odd thing that CNN would let that go, but it’s not any odder than anything they’ve done lately. It is the network that allowed Don Lemon to straight up demonize white Republican men as radicalized terrorists as a whole right after telling everyone to stop demonizing people.


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