Ted Cruz Might Have Just Won the Texas Senate Forever While Owning Beto O'Rourke With One Tweet

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been figuratively manhandling his Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke for some time now.

Be it in the polls or the debate stage, Cruz has been batting O’Rourke around like a cat with a ball of string, but he’s also getting some serious blows in on Twitter as well.


On Tuesday night, Cruz one-upped O’Rourke’s “hey I’m a cool guy who skateboards in Whataburger parking lots” schtick by simply picking up a twelver of Shiner and walking through a Buccees, which is one of the most Texan things I’ve ever seen Cruz do.

But the zingers on O’Rourke didn’t stop at being topped at his own photo-op game. Cruz also took aim at some of the horrendous ads made by O’Rourke’s fans.

As I covered on Monday, a “comedy” troop called “Esther’s Follies,” labeled the “SNL of Austin,” decided to make a video called “Betomaniac,” which amounted to a Grease-esque song and dance number about women fawning over O’Rourke and his cool factor, with some misinformation sprinkled in.

To say that the video was cringe-worthy is putting it very lightly. In fact, as of this writing, the YouTube version of the video has 856 thumbs down vs 150 thumbs up.

In fact, the top comment on the video making fun of it has more thumbs up than the video itself does.


While the majority of us believe this steaming pile of propaganda is horrendous, Cruz sees this as a cruel thing to force upon the citizenry and decided to make a promise to all Texans.

“If the People of Texas re-elect me to the Senate, I give you my solemn word I will NEVER produce cringe-worthy music videos like this,” tweeted Cruz.

Cruz might have just walked away with the election, and any election after that with this promise.



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