"The Conners" Already Lost a Quarter of Its Audience After Debut

The Roseanne-less spin-off of Roseanne isn’t doing so hot, especially after its lukewarm debut.

After Roseanne Barr’s show was canceled due to her comments about Valerie Jarrett, ABC decided to continue the show, but without Barr’s main character in the mix. The show’s name changed to “The Conners” and the show went as it must.


According to Fox News, without Barr, the show is apparently not as interesting as the network would hope, and it’s already lost roughly 25 percent of viewers compared to its numbers during its debut:

“The Conners” picked up a 1.7 rating and 7.9 million viewers, compared to the debut’s 2.3 rating and 10.5 million viewers, according to the Hollywood trade publication which cited fast-national Nielsen statistics.

The reason they probably had higher numbers during the first episode? Apparently, people just wanted to see how they killed off Roseanne, and then called it.

Industry insiders speculated that many of the premiere’s viewers simply tuned in to see how Barr’s pro-Trump character would be killed off and wouldn’t return for the second installment. The concerns turned out to be warranted and viewership dropped from an already underwhelming debut.

This is already a drop from the massive 55 percent of its audience that didn’t tune in to “The Conners” debut who once watched “Roseanne.”


A shadow seems to hang over the show, given the audience not being pleased with Roseanne’s forced departure. The show itself also seems to have some of Roseanne’s former co-stars in a funk.

John Goodman, who plays Dan, said that the show feels somewhat “hollow” without Roseanne there. Apparently, America feels much the same way.


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