Bernie Sanders Has Bad News for Anyone Who Believes in the "Blue Wave"

You don’t get much further to the left than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and apparently he’s the only leftist willing to admit that the prophesied blue wave is about as good as the word of a drug-addled street corner doomsayer.


According to The Hill, Sanders is tossing the idea of a sweeping Democratic victory away like so much rubbish:

“I know a lot of people talk about this blue wave and all that stuff, but I don’t believe it,” Sanders told Hill.TV’s “Rising” co-host Krystal Ball during an interview that aired on Monday.

Sanders said he believes that the outcome from Nov. 6 will be a “very, very close” situation and predicts that only a “handful of votes” will determine whether Democrats are able to regain control of the House or Senate.

“We have an entity able to stand up to [President] Trump or we don’t,” the former presidential candidate said.

Sanders is correct here. So filled with momentum is the GOP thanks to the successes of President Donald Trump, the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite every dirty trick the left had in their playbook, as well as the urgency felt to push back against the identity politics much of the left is bringing, the Republican party is poised to ignore the typical political undulation and stay in power.


As Streiff highlighted, the GOP may even pick up three extra seats.

As far as the Democrats go, their continued promotion of using fear and intimidation makes them look strikingly horrible, and their continued focus on identity politics makes them so unappealing that many Americans fear to give that kind of ideological fascism any kind of power. As I covered not long ago, this reason they’re losing now is the same reason they lost in 2016. Nobody wants to court that kind of society where victimhood masks racism, sexism, and bigotry.

While Sanders likely doesn’t have a grip on the reasons, he certainly sees that the blue wave is more of an inconvenient puddle.


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