Elizabeth Warren Needs to Check Her Privilege (But Mostly Her Shattered Presidential Chances)

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Live by the identity politics sword, die by the identity politics sword.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Wile E. Coyote attempt to cause President Donald Trump’s attacks on her to explode have blown up in her face, and the world is still laughing about it.


Regardless of this massive embarrassment, Warren still hasn’t put away the idea that she’s a suitable opponent for Trump for the 2020 presidential elections. This has been a horrible idea from the get-go, but now Warren has even more of a reason to put her presidential hopes away, back in the shadows where her shattered reputation is.

For one, the left may not receive Warren as well as she once was now that it’s come out that she’s been using the Native Americans as a way to get ahead. Falsely claiming you’re a part of a culture that you’re not in order to benefit yourself is the height of cultural appropriation, and while the left would love it if a pile of dried cow manure were president over Trump, the left’s sense of morality may cause them to fall short of forgiving Warren for such a dastardly sin against social justice.

The left may very well forgive Warren. After all, she might be a rich white woman with no real talent, but she believes the right beliefs. Besides, it’s not like the left hasn’t embraced a rich white woman for president before. It failed miserably, but maybe supporting one with obvious skeletons in her closet will work this time.

But shouldn’t Warren check her privilege and step away from her aspirations to make room for maybe a woman of color? Isn’t it likely that Kamala Harris is going to run? She sure made a show during the Kavanaugh hearings. What about Cory Booker? He’s not a woman, but he’s black.


By the left’s standards, Harris and Booker’s ethnicity makes them a million times more qualified to run for president than Warren.

In truth, Warren should probably step away from the stage just due to the fact that Trump already has her number, and 2020 isn’t even nearby yet.

This entire debacle happened because Warren was unable to help herself, and responded to Trump’s jabs, which doesn’t say a lot for Warren’s ability to maintain her sense. Warren as good as put on a figurative leash and let Trump lead her exactly to where he wanted her. It’s now cost her, not only her year’s long lie but her dignity as well.

And Trump won’t just stop at Warren’s plan backfiring monumentally. Trump now knows Warren isn’t the best at strategy, and for a guy who knows how to manipulate the media and now Warren, she’s probably out of her league. As Kurt Bardella at the Huffington Post wrote:

In a moment when the entire focus of the Democratic Party should be on winning the midterm elections, why make a spectacle of yourself and your family right now? Why not wait until after the midterm elections? Is waiting three weeks really going to make that much of a difference? By acting in haste, Warren has both provided her opponents and detractors with fresh ammunition to use against her and potentially hurt her party’s chances to retake one or both chambers of Congress.


After the left just got done telling us Justice Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t have the temperament to be a SCOTUS justice because he became upset at a dog and pony show of a hearing, is the left going to turn around and tell us that a woman who has no strategic mind and turns into a reactionary around Trump is a good fit for the Democrat’s 2020 nomination?

Warren may have been something of a Democratic figurehead, but now she’s damaged goods. Her reputation is in tatters, there’s more egg on her face than she can wipe off, and Trump proved he can easily control her.

I’d put her chances at being President of the United States at about 1 in 1,024.


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