WATCH: CNN and the Media Get Ripped Apart by CNN's Former Bureau Chief Live on Air

The media has fallen into a state of bias and agenda adherence that rightfully qualifies as propaganda for all intents and purposes.

In terms of cable news, no network has fallen into this state of party servitude more than CNN, which likes to tout itself as being strictly centrist while sporting activists like Jim Acosta, and commentators like Chris Cillizza.


Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if they would admit their bias, but CNN reporters routinely have a habit of denying that they sport any bias at all despite repeatedly proving themselves wrong.

CNN, along with much of the mainstream media that claims to be unbiased, really let Justice Brett Kavanaugh have it during the months leading up to his confirmation. The attacks on Kavanaugh left a very bad taste in the mouths of many Americans who were already having a lot of trouble trust the media as it is.

Brian Stelter, another leftist host, brought on a panel to talk about the effect the media’s coverage of Kavanaugh would have on the American public, with one of the members being Former CNN Bureau Chief Frank Sesno.

“Do you think the press is coming out of this looking weaker because many people feel the press chose a side through this?” asked Stelter.

” Yes,” said Sesno bluntly. “Certainly that’s the way it’s going to look to Trump supporters and people who have been questioning the media’s bias and their ability to report straight for a long time.”

Sesno went on to mention the numbers for the people’s trust in the media, which he described as “down in the basement.” He also mentioned that it’s been an extraordinary week for President Donald Trump who fulfilled a lot of promises, including bringing down the unemployment numbers that haven’t been seen since the 1960’s.


“The coverage has been unrelentingly negative,” noted Sesno.

Sesno went on to say that despite all these successes, the media’s biased coverage will allow the White House to accurately claim that the media is purposefully trying to stack the odds against the President and Republicans.

What Stelter, all of CNN, and the media fail to recognize is that for every lie they tell that is outed, or with every piece of reporting that drips with bias, the people feel like they are being lied to. This infuriates them, potentially causing them to drift further to the right where the Republican party is actually accomplishing what they said they would do.



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