Ted Cruz's Victory Over Beto O'Rourke Might Be Solidified Thanks to GOP's Success With Kavanaugh, Suggests Poll

That a lot of the GOP’s success in the coming midterms hinged on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was a given.

Had the GOP lost, and the Democrats won, Republicans would have seen their party as ineffectual and given the Democrats the momentum they needed to take down the weakened Republicans in various races. Thankfully, Kavanaugh has been confirmed thanks to wise decisions and stalwartness of many a GOP member against the mob, and foul play by the Democrats.


As I wrote last week, since the Kavanaugh circus began, Democrats have been losing steam and support. Meanwhile, Republicans have been seeing their strength and support grow larger. With Kavanaugh now safe on the Supreme Court, Republican voters are looking at a current crop of politicians that aren’t afraid to get the job done.

This includes Texas, where Republican incumbent Ted Cruz is defending his seat against Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.

The left and its media have gone out of their way to make O’Rourke seem like the left’s second coming of Obama. He’s trendy, well spoken, and says all the flowery things about unity and hope for the future that Obama did before him, much in the same tone and tenor. In fact, the similarity is almost creepy.

Polls varied about the success of Cruz and O’Rourke, with Cruz usually leading, but barely. At one point, one poll even had O’Rourke ahead by two points, after another poll showed Cruz ahead by nine.

Now, after the dust has settled around Kavanaugh, another poll from CBS/YouGov has been released showing that Cruz has a six-point lead over O’Rourke, an increase from its own poll taken last month which had him only four points ahead. Not a major increase for the CBS poll, but other numbers spell out a problem for O’Rourke than just approvals.

According to CBS, Republicans in Texas say that they’re now more motivated to vote over the confirmation of Kavanaugh by 73 percent, compared to Democrats who were motivated to vote due to the confirmation at 60 points.


So we have Texans energized from the Kavanaugh win, giving them more momentum to pull the lever for Cruz, who was part of the battle to elect Kavanaugh himself. Cruz is looking better than ever to Texans, while O’Rourke is busy dabbing in parking lots.

So with an increased lead for Cruz, a more motivated base, and a momentum increase for the GOP, O’Rourke’s chances look like they’re slowly fading. With Trump set to personally give Cruz a rally this month, we might see even more energy wash over the Cruz campaign.

Time will tell, and Texas Republicans shouldn’t rest easy. There’s still the poll’s margin of error to consider, and the Democrats have proven that they’ll resort to dirty tricks to accomplish goals, as the Kavanaugh saga has shown us. As it stands, however, Cruz is seeing a needed bump.


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